Top 10 Best Sublimation Printer

Sublimation printers imprint the dye on versatile materials using heat and pressure to transfer the solid-state of the chemical into a gaseous state skipping the liquid form. To find “What printers are suitable for sublimation?” We have evaluated the manufacturers and surveyed the user’s reviews to shortlist Best Sublimation Printer 2022 Picks & Reviews.

Advancement in digital printing techniques from inkjet to the Sublimation printer later has multiple compatible media, including fabric, glass, aluminum, ceramics tiles, and many more. It will help you print any image or writings on the mugs, shirts, tiles, and rigid media.

Types of Sublimation Printers

Versatile Sublimation Printers have distinctive features and multiple purposes. Here is a quick overview of each sublimation printer that will provide a concise spectrum of choice.

Clam Press Sublimation Printers are commonly known as T-shirt printers and can print graphics on the fabrics. Professional and mini textile firms are using these printers for affordable and quality graphics on shirts and clothes. In addition, top brands are using these printers for advertising the brand and t-shirts printings.

Swing Sublimation Printer

The swing-away sublimation dye printer is compatible with heavy materials like thick fabric and photo frames. In addition, the printers have enough accommodation for holding the printing media. 

Flatbed Press

There are two types of flatbed printers; manual and pneumatic. The pneumatic is solid and expensive. In contrast, the manual flatbed demands labor and supervision.

Single Press Printer

The printers are specifically for mugs, keychains, and other small items. The printers generate repetitive patterns as well as distinctive impressions. The printers are available in gift shops and other hobbyists.

3D Vacuum Heat Press Printers

The printers are unconventional and imprint irregular-shaped objects using dye-sublimation technology. The printers are compatible with artistic and interior design. Some construction material manufacturers also use their printers. 

Epson WorkForce WF-7720
Epson WorkForce WF-7720 Wireless Wide-Format Color Inkjet Printer
  • Compact Design
  • Lightweight
  • Multi Purpose
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Sawgrass SG500
Sawgrass SG500-Best Sublimation Printer for T Shirts on Market
  • Economical
  • Innovative
  • Speedy
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Brother MFC-J995DW
Brother MFC-J995DW INKvestment Tank Color-Best Affordable Sublimation Printer
  • Sleek Design
  • Solid Built
  • High Quality
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A Best wide format sublimation printer can embed high-quality impressions in various media without smudgings and overheating. So, according to the Best sublimation printer for heat transfer reviews from experts and users, you can select the one that meets your printing/designing requirements. Choose and print whatever on anything without messing up with quality using Best rated sublimation printer from the list. We will deeply review the following 10 best sublimation printers:

List of Good Sublimation Printers in 2022

  • Workforce WF-7710 Wireless Best Wide Format Sublimation Printer
  • Sawgrass SG500 Best Sublimation Printer for T Shirts on Market
  • Epson workforce WF-7720 Wireless Wide-Format Color Inkjet Printer
  • Epson Eco Tank ET-2720 Wireless Color All-in-One Best Value Sublimation Printer -Supertank Printer
  • Mitsubishi CP-K60DW-S Eco-Value Dye-Sub Photo Printer
  • DNP Event Photo Printer Best Resolution Dye Sublimation Printer for Commercial Use
  • DNP DS620A Dye Sub Professional Photo Printer
  • Epson WorkForce WF-7610 Wireless Color-Best Wide Format Commercial Sublimation Printer
  • Canon Selphy CP1300 Best Refillable Sublimation Printer Wireless Compact Photo Printer
  • Brother MFC-J995DW INKvestment Tank Color-Best Affordable Sublimation Printer

Top 10 Best Printers for Sublimation Printing Reviews in 2022

The market offers a wide selection of sublimation printers with different features and varying price points. You can suffer serious consequences if you choose the wrong dye-sublimation printer since they are expensive.

There are no other sublimation printers on the market, and Sawgrass is the only brand that produces such a printer. The Sawgrass brand produces printers specifically meant for sublimation printing, as it is the only company on the market that does so.

Certain printers are irreversible when used to print sublimation prints, which can invalidate the company’s warranty. Before converting your printer, contacting the manufacturer is a good idea.

To select the best sublimation printer, you must be familiar with the associated hardware. The list of best sublimation printers in this article results from extensive market research.

Epson WorkForce WF-7710 Sublimation Printer
Epson WorkForce WF-7710 Sublimation Printer
  • Features: Print Shop Quality, Versatile Paper Handling , and Large Scans and Ultimate Wireless Printing and Networking
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Sawgrass SG500-Best Sublimation Printer for T Shirts on Market
Sawgrass SG500-Best Professional Sublimation Printer for T Shirts
  • Features:Desktop Printer Designed for Sublimation, More Energy Efficient and Optimized Performance
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Epson WorkForce WF-7720 Wireless Wide-Format Color Inkjet Printer
Epson WorkForce WF-7720 Inkjet Printer
  • Features: High-Volume Printing, Get Performance Beyond Laser, and Auto 2-sided Print, Copy, Scan and Fax
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Epson EcoTank ET-2720 Wireless Color All-in-One Best Value Sublimation Printer- Supertank Printer
Epson EcoTank ET-2720 Supertank Printer
  • Features:True Cartridge-free Printhead, Auto Document Feeder, and Genuine Epson Ink Quality
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Mitsubishi CP-K60DW-S Eco-Value Dye-Sub Photo Printer
Mitsubishi CP-K60DW-S Eco-Value Dye-Sub Photo Printer
  • Features: High Resolution, Matte Finishing, and Dual Printing Format
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DNP Event Photo Printer Best Resolution Dye Sublimation Printer for Commercial Use
DNP Event Dye Sublimation Printer
  • Features: High Speed Mode, Durable Design, and Largest Printing Capacity
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DNP DS620A Dye Sub Professional Photo Printer
DNP DS620A Dye Sub Professional Photo Printer
  • Features: Multi Cut Support, nvironmentally friendly, and advanced status information from the driver
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Epson WorkForce WF-7610 Wireless Color Best Wide Format Commercial Sublimation Printer
Epson WorkForce WF-7610 Wireless Color Sublimation Printer
  • Features: Fast print speeds, Save on ink, and Productivity anytime, anywhere
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Canon Selphy CP1300 Best Refillable Sublimation Printer Wireless Compact Photo Printer
Canon Selphy CP1300 Refillable Sublimation Photo Printer
  • Features: Diverse Connectivity, Beautiful Photo Quality, and Convenience Built-In
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Brother MFC-J995DW INKvestment Tank Color-Best Affordable Sublimation Printer
Brother MFC-J995DW Best Sublimation Printer
  • Features: Duplex Printing, INKvestment Tank, and Max ISO Print Speed
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1-WorkForce WF-7710 Wireless Best Wide Format Sublimation Printer

WorkForce WF-7710 Wireless Best Wide Format Sublimation Printer
9.9/10 Our Score
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  • 250 Sheets per tray
  • 18+ pages/minute
  • Double side printing 6-8 pages/minute
  • Mac and Window Compatible
  • Media size 13’’x19’’
  • Wifi and USB connectivity
  • Auto-Duplexing
  • 4.3 inches colored touch screen

Key Specifications

WorkForce WF-7710 Wireless Best Wide Format Sublimation Printer
Brand Epson
Model WorkForce WF-7710 Wide-Format
Weight 40.8lb
Dimension 22.3″ x 32.2″ x 13.4″ (W x D x H)
Display 4.3″ Color Touchscreen
Connectivity Ethernet & Wireless
Ink Configuration 4 individual Ink Cartridges
Software Included Epson Printer Driver
Supported Paper Sizes 3.5″ x 5″, 4″ x 6″, 5″ x 7″, 8″ x 10″, 8.5″ x 11″, 8.5″ x 14″, 11″ x 17″, 13″ x 19″, A4, A6, Half Letter, Executive and User Definable. See all specifications

The WorkForce 7710 is the best sublimation desktop printer. It instantly prints the professional level of impressions on both paper and glossy paper mediums. A wide range of printing and scanning sizes makes it convenient for beginners and saves time adjusting the image resolutions for a quality impression.

Multiple-purpose, compact design, lightweight, and Precision Core technology effortlessly generates high-quality prints. Dual side printing Workforce 7710 is compatible with thick materials with 250 sheets tray capacity. Moreover, it reduces the overall printing cost by using almost 20% power compared to average sublimation printers.

It produces good prints and uses a cartridge to print maximum numbers before running out of ink. Therefore, we call it an all-rounder because so far, WF 7710 stands for Best cost-effective sublimation printer.

The ink cartridge of DURABrite Ultra 252-series is affordable and generates 18 ppm to 10 ppm for black color. New leverages technology creates 40 million pinpoints dots using a high-density printing chip.

To prevent lousy printing, only use Epson Cartridge. Using quality compromised cartridges can result in leaking and default prints. In addition, the interior parts are very delicate; therefore, a defective cartridge and ink can cause irreversible damage to the bearings.

WorkForce WF-7710 Best Wide Format Wireless Sublimation Printer Unboxing

The best sublimation desktop printer has a wide range of connectivity. Direct wifi, wired ethernet, and other NFC compatible connections make it ready to perform printer. In addition, it’s effortless to connect smartphones and tablets to connect with WF 7710 and instantly print media images.

Furthermore, the touchscreen allows easy navigation and control of actions. For example, you can immediately command printing or cancel the operation in the middle of the printing action. You can also establish the number of sheets and alignments using the touchscreen navigation.

  • LCD screen ease navigation
  • Long-range Wireless Connectivity
  • Dual-side automatic printing
  • Compatible for large prints
  • Applicable for versatile fabric materials
  • Precise Alignment of the ink cartridge
  • Single paper outcome at a time


The Epson WF 7710 is the best economical sublimation printer for t-Shirts that performs and simultaneously generates quality and quantity with an intact budget. The innovative and cost-effective technology with a user-friendly setup makes it the Best sublimation printer under $500.


2-Sawgrass SG500-Best Sublimation Printer for T Shirts on Market

6-Sawgrass SG500-Best Sublimation Printer for T Shirts on Market
9.0 Our Score
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  • Sawgrass Print Manager
  • Sublijet Ultra-HD Sublimation Ink
  • Mac And Window Supported
  • Wifi-connectivity
  • 51 Inch Long Media Printable

Sawgrass is the original and best sublimation printer for t-shirts with exclusive features to support the sublimation process. So, if you are seriously into the t-shirt printing business, Sawgrass is a virtual printing machine for t-shirts, mugs, and other mini items.

The cost of printing is meager and allows bulk printing with ease and in HD quality. The low cost of printing eventually improves the profit margins. On the other hand, sublimation printing is an expensive technique because of costly Ink and excessive consumption of Ink per print.

Sawgrass designs use innovative technology to reduce ink consumption while keeping HD prints. The brand never compromises with quality and efficiency. The same legacy flows in the SG500 with high resolution, and economical sublimation dye ink reduces print costs.

Moreover, the 2-year warranty and auto-maintenance also make the printing much more fun and help you establish a business. On the other hand, hardware and software maintenance are usually heavy on the pockets and disturb the budding business.

Therefore, a device with auto-maintenance and hassle-free printing with a manufacturer warranty ensures the optimal working condition. Online Creative Studio also offers template designs and editing software to make unique and stylish t-shirts prints.

Since the model is the best dye-sublimation printer for t-shirts and other media including, photo sheets, mugs, and wall clocks, the free version has many formats. Still, the premium(paid) version has advanced designs and tools to create stylish designs. Colour schemes and combinations play a vital role in graphic designs and photo prints.

Sawgrass also has color management software that allows precise color management and auto-adjustment for the colors. In addition, the quality sublimation ink generates a consistent color display with optimized outcomes.

  • Fastest printing technology
  • Compact size suitable for all settings
  • Low ink consumption
  • Creative studios enhance the designs spectrum
  • Multiple media printing
  • Lacks extensive membership customization
  • A bit noisy at the time of printing


The Sawgrass is a one-stop best sublimation printer for t-shirts 2022. Brand quality t-shirts prints that you get from Sawgrass are exclusive and HD-quality. You don’t need a heat press for further processing, and you.


3-Epson WorkForce WF-7720 Wireless Wide-Format Color Inkjet Printer

Epson WorkForce WF-7720 Wireless Wide-Format Color Inkjet Printer
9.3/10 Our Score
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Highlighted Features

  • 1200 DPI Resolution
  • Precision core technology
  • Compatible with windows7/8/10, Mac OS
  • 500 sheet capacity per feeding tray
  • Output tray capacity of 125 sheets
  • 4 DuraBrite Ink Cartridges
  • Auto document feeder

Key Specifications

Epson WorkForce WF-7720 Wireless Wide-Format Color Inkjet Printer
Brand Epson
Model WorkForce WF-7720 Wide-Format
Weight 40.8lb
Dimension 22.3″ x 32.2″ x 13.4″ (W x D x H)
Display 4.3″ Color Touchscreen
Connectivity Ethernet & Wireless
Ink Configuration 4 individual Ink Cartridges
Software Included Epson Printer Driver
Supported Paper Sizes 3.5″ x 5″, 4″ x 6″, 5″ x 7″, 8″ x 10″, 8.5″ x 11″, 8.5″ x 14″, 11″ x 17″, 13″ x 19″, A4, A6, Half Letter, Executive and User Definable. See all specifications

Unboxing and Package Contents

Epson WorkForce WF-7720 Inkjet Printer Unboxing Box
Epson WorkForce WF-7720 Inkjet Printer After Unboxing


The quality graphics and exceptional color scheming are the crowns of Epson WorkForce 7720 sublimation printers. In addition, Epson ensures the strong built of the manufactured product and the packaging. The comprehensive package includes all essentials with a manual guide and warranty certificate.

Furthermore, the box has CD with drivers and the necessary software to connect it with PC and laptops. On the other hand, the printer is a bit bulky and weighs around 48.9 lbs, and needs a spacious counter to accommodate 16.5” x 22.3” x 17.8” (H x W x D) dimensions.

However, the strong-built and durable construction makes it one of the Best quality sublimation printers. It can perform heavy-duty tasks for a much more extended period without causing any trouble or hardware malfunctioning. High speed and Wide Frontal 4.3 inches touchscreen have precise navigational control. Moreover, the touchscreen also has function keys with tactile buttons.

The buttons help in switching the modes and also manage the view angle and tilt up and down. Touchscreen and button settings enhance the accuracy of the impressions with commands. It enables you to halt the power instantly and pause or cancel the action using the navigational touch screen.

Setting up the printers with devices is a big deal for a professional outcome. Although the device is bulk and not portable, it has a solid and wide range of wifi connectivity and easy running setups.

You can connect it with a computer using wires and ports or use wifi network connections. Afterward, you can install ink cartridges and let it auto-set the Alignment. Finally, adjust the paper source with the best sublimation ink, and the printer is ready to perform.

  • Quick and clear prints
  • High-quality, vibrant color scheme
  • Dual-side printing
  • Performs multiple functions(prints/fax.scan/copy)
  • Perfect for heavy-duty tasks
  • Bulky size restrict mobility
  • A bit noisy in action


The Best commercial sublimation printer WF 7722, meets the requirements of heavy-duty tasks with back-to-back printing actions. Moreover, the strong built and durability does not increase the cost of impressions.


4-Epson EcoTank ET-2720 Wireless Color All-in-One Best Value Refillable Sublimation Printer

Epson EcoTank ET-2720 Wireless Color All-in-One Best Value Refillable Sublimation Printer- Supertank Printer
9.1/10 Our Score
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  • 4800×1200 DPI resolution
  • Inkjet printing technique
  • Refillable 4 ink tanks
  • Ethernet, Wifi and USB, Mopria and Air Print Connectivity
  • 2.3-inch touchscreen
  • Instant printing
Epson EcoTank ET-2720 Wireless Color All-in-One Best Value Refillable Sublimation Printer- Supertank Printer

Epson eco tank ET-2720 is one of the Best refillable sublimation printers. The cartridge-free printer contains refillable ink tanks. Therefore, it is not only eco-friendly and reduces cartridge wastes but also more economical than cartridge replacements.

One bottle of ink can generate 4500 pages of dense printing actions. Therefore, it reduces the effective cost per print. Furthermore, the package contains colorful ink bottles enough for two years of moderate printing activities. Therefore, you can label it as the Best economical sublimation printer.

Compact size but bit bulky device weighs around 15.9 lbs and has 9.1″ x 14.8″ x 13.7″ (H x W x D)orientation. The robust and durable plastic body can last longer. A mini LED screen of 2.3 inches displays the quick commands and alignments.

It also shows the ink level in each tank. It assists you in finding the appropriate time to charge up before default prints. Then, you can install the printer and connect the cords, fill the ink in the ink tanks, and it’s ready to print using sublimation techniques.

The printing speed is an essential factor for the Best sublimation printer for crafts. The more it takes time it degrades the performance of the printer. For only black test documents, it takes 16 ppm and seven ppm for color prints.

Nevertheless, it takes just 89 solid seconds to print a quality photo. High printing speed reduces the cost per print as it utilizes less power. The high number of prints per minute is essential for business tasks and professional photo printing.

However, it’s essential to refill with high-quality Epson inks only because compromised ink quality can cause irreversible damage to the dye quality. In addition, the effortless dual-side prints ease the hurdle of adjusting and re-feeding the best sublimation paper/sheet with a precise side. Furthermore, the Ecofit ink bottles are easy to fill and leave no mess and stains around.

  • Extremely cost-effective for commercial use
  • Easy setup
  • Mess-free refilling
  • High in-action printing speed
  • Bit heavy
  • A grey area color differences


Ecotank is the Best low-cost sublimation printer. Ink bottles and other maintenance expenditures are comparatively low from another inkjet/sublimation printers. It also ensures the maximum prints per filling and avoids wastage of leftover ink.


5-Mitsubishi CP-K60DW-S Eco-Value Dye-Sub Photo Printer

Mitsubishi CP-K60DW-S Eco-Value Dye-Sub Photo Printer
8.8/10 Our Score
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  • Media size of 6×8 inches
  • 110 sheets/tray
  • Per page print speed of 11.4 seconds
  • Compatible with Windows and MAC
  • Matte finish with Satin finish look
  • Dual prints on single media paper
Mitsubishi CP-K60DW-S Eco-Value Dye-Sub Photo Printer

Mitsubishi printer CP-K60DW-S is the Best printer for sublimation and heat transfer dye techniques. The compact size and lightweight of the printer are moveable and easy to set up. Moreover, even though the built material is lightweight, it efficiently transfers the heat from the printer to deliver the impression on the required material.

A high-resolution printout of 300 DPI and the digital system saves time and cost per print. In addition, the paper feeder tray aligns the paper and prevents orientation difficulties. Furthermore, the exclusive matte finish look of colored photos is the unique quality of the Mitsubishi printers.

It is photographers’ and graphic designers’ favorite sublimation printer because it imitates the original color scheme. However, the best sublimation printer for crafts must have low-cost maintenance. Usually, crafts work needs high-resolution prints with a minor investment.

Estimating the overall cost of the printouts is the Best sublimation printer for the money. Moreover, the function standby feature enables the user to save 96 % of power usage. Auto-shutting after a certain period of inactivity also adds to the power-saving mode. Finally, the rewinding function for particular printing tasks on the solid material moves the ink ribbon to perform printing.

The printer is recommended for pharmacies, photography, and event management. A user-friendly setup enables anyone with meager information about printer handling can use the printer. Mitsubishi offers a 3-year exchange warranty in case of manufacture default. Moreover, the package delivered is comprehensive and has secure packaging.

  • Robust built material
  • Quick printing and matte finish
  • Standby and power-saving-modes reduces the power consumption
  • Superior resolution for HD prints
  • Need spacious accommodation


The Mitsubishi is the Best sublimation printer on the market according to overall features. In addition, the power-saving modes and two print features reduce the overall cost of prints and other maintenance expenditures.


6-DNP Event Photo Printer Best Resolution Dye Sublimation Printer for Commercial Use

DNP Event Photo Printer Best Resolution Dye Sublimation Printer for Commercial Use
8.6/10 Our Score
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  • 20% extra high speed
  • 3 formats prints (4×6/4×6/6×8)
  • 300×600 and 300×300 dpi resolutions
  • Professional Photo Booth Printer
  • Glossy and Matte finish
  • USB iSerial Connectivity
DNP Event Photo Printer Best Resolution Dye Sublimation Printer for Commercial Use

The DNP event is the Best sublimation printer of 2022 for commercial use and photo booth business. High-Quality images and photos on glossy media with accurate color schemes are the unique features of the sublimation dye printer.

It generates colorful photos in the shortest span. For instance, it prints 290 prints of 4×6 sizes within an hour. Moreover, you can adjust the sizes from 2×6,4×6, and 6×8 inches according to your requirements.

Functional USB connectivity with PCs and Mac devices allows hassle-free and instant printing. DNP printers also have some supportive software to support the image orientation and selections of the paper formats and sizes.

Inexpensive hardware and meager media expenditures with superior quality photo images make it one of the Best dye-sublimation printers for photo retailers and photographers. Educational Institutes and media departments also use DNP printers to get the best quality hardcopy of event photos and displays.

High-speed is another critical feature that allows a bulk number of precise points in the shortest time. However, even though high speed and heavy-duty tasks do not reduce the printing quality, excessive use can sometimes cause heating-up and automatically shut the device off to prevent quality photos.

In such situations, take a break by pressing the pause button and letting the machinery cools down naturally to room temperatures. Persistent heating and halting indicate the hardware malfunctioning, and the device needs troubleshooting.

For establishing a photo booth business as a professional photographer, one needs a cost-effective and high-resolution printer. Nowadays, event management uses loads of graphics on the Tees and background decorations. Furthermore, different props with themed pictures are in trend. The Best resolution sublimation printer helps you stand out in the competitive market of event planning.

  • Quick prints with high resolution
  • Handle massive projects
  • Strong built and precise orientation
  • Variable Image Dimensions
  • Setting up drivers takes time
  • Noisy Printing Action


DNP event photo printer qualifies a prominent place in the list of Best sublimation printers for crafts. The model is a virtual device of the modern photographic booth. Therefore, the printer is in utmost need of a professional photographer.


7-DNP DS620A Dye Sub Professional Photo Printer

DNP DS620A Dye Sub Professional Photo Printer
8.5/10 Our Score
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  • Standby Feature
  • Multiple media formats
  • HFP 2.1 Update
  • 300×300 DPI resolutions
  • Per print 8.3 to 15.7 seconds printing speed
DNP DS620A Dye Sub Professional Photo Printer

DNP printers are using innovative technology to manufacture the Best resolution sublimation printer. The printer is suitable for performing extreme duty tasks in a short time. It generates 400 copies of 4×6 inches of prints and in an hour.

Therefore it is one of the fastest as well as the Best dye-sublimation printer so far. The DNP imprints high gloss and vibrant colors on the photo and a watermark at the back of the photo. The prints are water-resistant can last up to 100 years with fainting and discolorization.

Manufacturers precisely understand the demand of photographers and graphic designers. The multiple formats offer flexible dimensions from 2×6 to 6×8 inches, including photobooth fun strips. Furthermore, it provides a variable matte and glossy media applications depending upon the needs of the clients.

It also reduces the cost per print as it has a time-out feature. It discards the command after a specific limit set before the action. It prevents damage to resources like ink and paper or sheets.

The environment friendly and with minor energy consumption, the printer is perfect for establishing a photo lab or photobooth. Standby modes also reduce the overall power usage and, multiple drivers enable the evaluation of remaining media and printouts, color control, printer life counter, firmware number, etc.

The drivers ease the setting up of the printer with windows and Mac devices with convenience. In addition, the manufacturer provides 3 years of exchange warranty. Strong built and robust machinery performs extreme tasks with ease. However, the number of sheets decreases with the larger formats, but the quality and resolution have perfect Alignment.

The best printer for sublimation and heat transfer mechanism needs a heat-resistant material of the printer. However, most of the parts are made of plastic but tolerate high temperatures without any damage.

  • Clear and quality enlarge prints
  • 3 years of exchange warranty
  • Ultra-fast photo printing speed
  • Gloss and matte finish on requirements
  • Supports Mac devices except for iOS


The DNP printers are the best professional photo printers for photo labs and photo booths. It not only generates high resolutions but also reduces the cost per print with economical features. Therefore, it is a preferred device for someone to establish a new photo booth or event planning.


8-Epson WorkForce WF-7610 Wireless Color Best Wide Format Commercial Sublimation Printer

Epson WorkForce WF-7610 Wireless Color Best Wide Format Commercial Sublimation Printer
8.1/10 Our Score
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  • Precision Core technology
  • Auto-double side printing on 250 sheets
  • 13×19 inch paper size
  • 4.3 inches navigational touchscreen
  • Supports Android, iOS, Windows, Kindle Fire, Mac, and Chromebook
  • 4-in-1 device
Epson WorkForce WF-7610 Wireless Color Best Wide Format Commercial Sublimation Printer

Epson is the leader and trendsetter in sublimation dye or solo printing. Exceptionally wide-format support makes it the Best wide format sublimation printer. In addition, precision core printing technology embeds speed, quality, and high resolution in the printouts like other Epson EcoTank ET-15000 products.

You can get 13×19 inches of wide format, borderless prints in colors and blacks. Besides broad printings, it also scans comprehensive forms of 11×17 inches and regenerates compact and double-sided prints.

The manual feeding/scanning and printing takes time and effort, and it becomes exhausting. However, an auto document feeder can scan and print the document up to 35 pages occasionally with double-side printing.

At the same time, performing multiple printings, the printer tray run-out of papers and halt the command. The rear bottom tray prevents the sheets from running out during action time. It will improve productivity and reduce the need for surveillance over resources.

A navigational 4.3 inches touchscreen is precise and manages the emergency commands. It also displays the credentials of the media, such as paper tray status, cartridges status, and halting action commands. You can also adjust the sheet orientation of the printout with the navigational screen.

Besides, the printer is easy to connect and has 4 in action. Therefore, it can efficiently perform as a printer, copier, fax, or scanner when selecting the required field. Moreover, it has ultra-strong connectivity with both wired and wifi networks.

For a high-quality printout, you must use recommended ink. It uses the UltraBite ink cartridges for quality outputs and enhances longevity with precision. The Epsons are the Best sublimation printer on amazon and have wifi certification. Mostly, systems with internet connection directly set up the printer with the device without installing software. You can browse the official website for enabling the printer and other devices.

  • All-in-one device printer/scanner/copier/fax
  • Uses optimized power
  • Recyclable cartridges and other parts
  • Laser quality performance
  • Supports massive formats
  • It supports iOS, but few functions are not compatible
  • 11×17 inches sheets need manual adjustment in the paper tra


The Epson 7610 is the Best value sublimation printer, scanner, copier, and fax replacement. It saves your time and efforts while offering 4-1 services at a time at a place. Moreover, it handles excessive copies and prints while keeping the ink and paper budget intact.


9-Canon Selphy CP1300 Best Refillable Sublimation Printer Wireless Compact Photo Printer

Canon Selphy CP1300 Best Refillable Sublimation Printer Wireless Compact Photo Printer
9.7/10 Our Score
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  • 3.2 inches LCD screen
  • Printer Applications (Android / Mac / Windows)
  • Variable sizes printouts
  • Support AirPrint, Mopria, wifi, USB, and Memory card
  • 256 Resolution per color
  • Operates at 5-50 C degree
Canon Selphy CP1300 Best Refillable Sublimation Printer Wireless Compact Photo Printer

Canon Selphy is among the Best sublimation printer for the circuit. It provides instant and ready-to-use printouts. You don’t have to wait for several minutes to touch the printed side of the sheet. Although the mini-size printer looks ordinary, it generates high-end professional printouts with exclusive features and performance.

Canon is a famous and pioneer of photography, and the legacy continues in each innovative product. Its AC-DC Convertable adapter and comprehensive package make it the Best entry-level sublimation printer.

It Looks delicate and mini in size but has strong plastic built and durability to withstand heavy-duty tasks. It has a mini tiltable LCD of 3.4 inches on the top to ease the hassle-free functions. The manual buttons have precise and deliver instant commands.

You can set up the device to a WI-fi network using the hardware keys, and the result will display on the LCD screen. Next, you can connect the suitable WI-fi network, and your device is connected with a Canon Selphy printer.

The printer has a broad spectrum of connectivity and compatibility with other devices. You can connect the android mobile device using the Appstore application. Now click the mobile and printer to the same networks and align the settings to perform the printing actions directly.

The wide range of connectivity enhances the portability of the device. Besides, the compact size and lightweights the wide range of wifi connectivity enhance the printer’s effectiveness and become the Best inexpensive sublimation printer.

Canon Selphy printers are the Best sublimation desktop printer and use innovative dye-sublimation technology. High printing speed and top-notch photo quality are the combinations that you rarely find in inkjet printers.

Blending four basic shades of magenta, cyan, yellow, and finishing coats over the paper before printing the image enhances the result. Although it takes a little more seconds than others, the 1 minute for 4×6 inches with high-quality isn’t that bad.

  • Sleek, portable, and design complementing the desktop
  • Durable and long-lasting printout
  • Easiest connectivity
  • High-end color combinations
  • Need room behind the printer for allowing paper movement
  • A beginner need assistance to align the cartridges


The Canon selphy printers are the Best sublimation printer on a budget. The photo-lab quality of photos you can get at the rate of ordinary prints saves your money and time. Moreover, the durability of the picture quality is a remarkable feature of a sublimation printer.


10-Brother MFC-J995DW INKvestment Tank Color-Best Affordable Sublimation Printer

Brother MFC-J995DW INKvestment Tank Color-Best Affordable Sublimation Printer
9.5/10 Our Score
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  • 18.2 lb weight
  • Connect to Ethernet, USB, Airprint, Mopria, and wifi
  • 2.6 screen touchscreen display LCD
  • 1200×600 DPI resolution
  • Large Capacity built-in Ink tank
Brother MFC-J995DW INKvestment Tank Color-Best Affordable Sublimation Printer

The printers undergo heavy use, and sometimes abusive handling can cause irreversible damage to the device. In addition, mostly dye-sublimation printers are exclusively expensive and need expert handling for optimized functioning.

Brother MFC is the Best affordable sublimation printer because it demands trivial maintenance, and secondly, the cost per print is stunning. However, it does not compromise the quality, and each image is precise and perfect.

The printer is popular among publishers and educational institutes that need quantity on a confined budget without losing the quality. However, the device has modern technology and a sleek design with a solid built.

An external control panel and power button with a 2.6-inch mini touchscreen navigate the instant commands with ease. A wide scanner of 8.5×11 inches is enough to perform book and document scanning. You can also use an automatic feeder to scan each sheet and print 1200 Dpi resolution prints. All these specifications make it the Best economical sublimation printer.

Convenient device settings enhance the effectiveness and performance of the printer. Even a beginner or first-time user can easily manage the printing tasks. Moreover, the reset to default settings prevents software troubleshooting.

Furthermore, the internal ink storage tank can print one year of functions of a small firm or educational institute without refilling. However, publishers and print media might need to supply the ink tank twice a year, depending on consumption. You can estimate the consumption from the touchscreen results and predict the time to refill the ink tank.

The connectivity compatibility is exceptional. You can connect the printer with Android, iOS, and Windows devices without any unique setups. Wireless and Wifi connectivity also makes it the Best commercial sublimation printer.

Moreover, the paper size of 8.5×15 inches helps print the comprehensive charts and graphs needed in small institutions and offices. High-speed and bulk prints of 12 ppm(black) 10 ppm(colorful) reduce print costs.

  • High-quality scanning and printing
  • Cost-effective printing
  • Low maintenance and easy to setup
  • Print on versatile media like tees and glossy sheets
  • The rear paper tray is a bit sturdy
  • Overqualified for personal use


The Brother MFC offers the best service for a small firm or business. The most modern and exclusive features like printing speed and quality make it the Best value sublimation printer. In addition, it prevents the emergency running out of ink and ensures the maximum usage of the ink.


Buying Guide for Choosing Best Sublimation Printer

The best sublimation printer is enough to print and scan a small firm and for personal use. However, according to the firm’s requirements, you can purchase multiple printers specialized in several aspects. 

Thoroughly reading details of 9 best sublimation printer 2022 picks and reviews, you might wonder What printers are suitable for sublimation, and out of 9 best sublimation printers which sublimation printer is best. 

Transferring the specific selection to certain media with heat and pressure adjustment and intermediate medium is called sublimation printing. Sublimation printers are more effective than inkjet printers because;

  • It is applicable on hard media like Mugs, plates, clocks, and any rigid surface.
  • The handling of the sublimation printer is effortless to learn.
  • It generates the photo with a splash of colors and displays a refined combination of 4 colors.
  • You can print as many as you want, or your ink/cartridge allows you to print.

Although a single printer can perform versatile tasks efficiently, evaluating the printing need is essential for finalizing the selection. So, before I explore the buying essentials, assess the types of sublimation printers that will help you clarify the type of printer you need. 

Factors to Consider While Selecting Best Dye Sublimation Printer in 2022

After going through the overall general types of sublimation printers, you must evaluate the following factors. It will help you find the Best sublimation printer on the market according to your printing need and budget. You can also compare the competitor’s brands and specifications to pick the one that satisfies your needs and help you achieve the best.

Printing Media

All kinds of sublimation printers are not compatible with all types of printing media. For photo printing and card printings, the sublimation printers with thick paper trays are good enough. However, the T-shirt, mugs, and other materials need a printer to accommodate the media to expose to the printing system.

Printer Layout

Some printers use middle mediums to transfer the dye and create a pattern on the printing media. Some printers use cotton sheets. Other. Other use paper sheets as an intermediate material. It depends on the surface of the printing media and the purpose of printing. Therefore, evaluating the purpose of the printing, select the proper layout of the printer.


Quality and quantity are rare combinations, but both are vital to meet the Best quality sublimation printer requirement. Unfortunately, mainly the Best sublimation printer on a budget usually has to compromise either quantity or quality. 

Depending on your needs and budget, select the printer with high-resolution printouts and the average cost per print. The number of prints per minute and over ink source decide the price of the printouts. You can measure the resolution in Dpi or dots per inch to compare the available Best resolution sublimation printer.

Connectivity Spectrum

Some of the printers have a limited range of connectivity. Some need wired connections through USB ports and cables. Others have Wi-Fi connectivity. The sublimation printer with versatile connectivity is the Best value sublimation printer. If you are working in groups and multiple connections are needed from the connected devices, wifi connectivity performs well. 

You can command for printing a document on your computer/desktop and get the print sheet from the printer without moving an inch. However, for single-hand use, server connections can operate with cable networkings.


Even the Best sublimation printer under $200 is not a low-cost device. Therefore counter check for Best sublimation printer reviews from experts and users to evaluate the claimed durability of the printer.

 Moreover, for photo printing, the printout quality and durability are also essential factors. Decolorization or mutations of the colors on the printed photos are due to the insufficient durability of the photo printing techniques.

Printing Cost

The cost of the printer, ink, cartridge, oil, and other parts constitute the cost per print. The power usage of the Best cost-effective sublimation printer is always less than expensive or commercial printers. The number of prints per cartridge or filling determines the cost of not match the advertised claims. 

Printing Purpose

The printing purpose is a crucial factor in comparing the need with the available functions. Mainly there are two significant printers; budget-friendly and easy-to-use printers; others are commercial and heavy-duty printers. 

The best commercial printers are expensive and bulky; in contrast, the personal use printers are budget-friendly and cannot perform extreme tasks. Therefore, evaluating and estimating the printing needs and costs before purchasing is essential. 

Built Material

The built material of the heavy-duty sublimation printer is much stronger than an average or ordinary printer. Moreover, the sublimation involves high temperatures and pressure that demand robust interior built. The compromised quality of the made material can damage the printer when used for an extensive period. Also, it reduces the print quality.


Expensive is not always needed, but a printer or sublimation dye that meets the requirement is essential. For business establishments and personal use, the Best entry-level sublimation printer are enough.

You don’t have to spend extra bucks on the commercial-level printer for printing 10 documents per day. Therefore evaluate the price according to your need. However, for the heavy-duty task, the high cost of the printer is worth money.

Ink (source)

Replaceable cartridges or refillable cartridges are a common source of inks in sublimation printers. Later the internal system converts the solid ink into a gaseous state and generates the impression on the printing media. 

In contrast, refill tanks are eco-friendly and reduce waste production. Usually, the ink used in sublimation printers is water-resistant and can withstand the humidity without smudging the printouts. Usually, after 6 months, the unused ink becomes useless. Therefore, do not exaggerate while selecting the printer and look for the optimum ink supply system.

Maintenance Routine

After going through the 9 best sublimation printer 2022 picks and reviews, we found that all printers need a certain level of maintenance. You can not ignore the device in the long run. Some printers need monthly and some demands yearly maintenance others need cleaning and brushing at time cartridge replacement. 

So, What is the best sublimation printer to buy in such a situation? Of course, costly maintenance once in a year or low-cost monthly maintenance leads to the exact cost per year. However, the production quality and quantity with the ratio of expenditures help you determine the right tool.

Paper holding Capacity

The Paper holding capacity of the feeder is also an essential factor. Usually, a small task needs no such specification. However, for supreme business and extensive printouts, the feeder must have a high capacity. 

For instance, copying the whole thesis needs a bundle of sheets. So to avoid embarrassment in such conditions, look for the paper holding capacity and set the commands below the available sheets.

Touchscreen control

Most modern sublimation printers have a small navigational touchscreen that enables you to process or halt the action. It also indicates the readings and status of the printing, cartridge, or ink tanks. Some printers have built-in memory so they can scan the document. You can use the screen to navigate to previous prints.

Format Size

The wide-format needs multiple scanners and a wide output tray. Then, depending upon the purpose, select the scanner that can support the size format suitable for the task. Usually, sublimation printers that generate comprehensive structures also support mini versions. But printers with a bit of setup can not generate comprehensive formats.

Differences Between Standard Printing Systems and Sublimation

Conventional printing systems of injection and laser never generate comparable durability and quality as a sublimation printer. Besides many differences in the structure and internal setups, there are a few common disputes;

  • Sublimation provides precise dye results to be utilized at each point. In contrast, standard printing systems constantly use the same amount in the sheet area.
  • The injection method distributes the tones into many points, while the sublimation printer enables them to be combined.
  • Transparent coating before final image generation is the main difference between standard and Sublimation printing methods.

Converting Standard Printer to Sublimation Printer

For sublimation printing, ink is a vital factor in creating high-quality printings. Unfortunately, most of the top brands are not yet convertible from standard printing to sublimation printing. However, some DIY modifications will ease the use for both purposes.

A standard printer with Piezo Printing technology can perform the sublimation. However, hp does not support the piezo technology, whereas Brother’s has piezo but lacks a previous printing profile. Regarding the conditions, Epson printers are compatible enough to act smoothly. 

Epson has piezo technology, and on-hand availability of the inks is the reason it can perform sublimation. However, it bypasses the manufacturer’s guarantee as it is not designed for the sublimation process.

Sublimation Vs. Heat Transfer Technology

Sublimation involves transferring ink material from a solid-state to a gaseous state and settling on the fabric or dye material. Under high pressure and heat, the ink skips the liquid phase, and the design that imprints the printing material when it cools down becomes solid again. 

It becomes a permanent part of the fabric/sheet. A sublimation technology expands the graphic application to versatile media. In contrast to sublimation, heat transfer is also loosely considered sublimation. However, both procedures involve printing using heat, but there are apparent differences in both methods. 

Heat transfer uses a paper medium to imprint the graphics on the intermediate paper media and then use a heat press to transfer it on the fabric or other dying material. They are comparing both shows that the Sublimation dye is durable and water-resistant than heat-transfer prints. The heat transfer papers are versatile, and the durability depends on the form used in the process.

However, the sublimation is only compatible with 100% polyester fabric. At the same time, the heat transfer allows dying on cotton, polyester, and blended fabrics. Sublimation involves a special ink that stays for an extended period and can withstand water exposure. 

Therefore sublimation is quite expensive as compared to heat transfer printing. So, planning a business needs to evaluate the available budget figures before pricing each printed material. You may want to know about iron for sublimation transfers?

Top Brands of Sublimation Printers

Advent in digital technology the printing and sublimation printing are progressing to the next level. Precision and accuracy of color schemes and mini-structure printing that was not imaginable once are now possible to achieve with the Best sublimation printer under $200. 

Although multiple brands are endorsing the quality, few of them can prove the claim. Below is the top manufacturer of the Best sublimation printer of 2022.


Epson is famous for manufacturing versatile, high-performance dye-sublimation printers. Robust printing mechanisms and exclusive features ensure high-quality photo prints and other fabric or material medium printing. 

Print chip creates precise impressions of 40 million dots per second. Epson designs the devices according to the user’s requirements. The online support system with low Maintainance and easy handling are the specific qualification of Epsons.

2- Canon

Canon is not a new name in the field of photo printing. However, the quality and reliability of the product are unmatched. Indeed the precision and color accuracy is the legacy that runs down in each product. 

Compact and elegant style with durability and reliable functions, each product is the benchmark for coming generations. In addition, a wide range of connectivity and multi-functional devices are the pride of Canon.

3- DNP Event Photo Printer

The DNP works on eco-friendly terms and manufactures a product that is not harmful for the next generation. It produces exceptional photographic prints and graphics that have high resolution. Presentation matters a lot, and DNB understands the need for quality representation. 

Using dye-sublimation techniques with minor maintenance generates top-notch quality prints. Even for personal use, DNB tends to deliver the memories on an intricate print.

4- Mitsubishi

Mitsubishi sublimation printer ensures perfection and color accuracy in budget. The strong-built and heavy-duty printer series are perfect for commercial purposes and dense office tasks. 

A wide range of connectivity and low Maintenance enhance the efficiency of the printer. You can make use of the full value invested in purchasing bit price Mitsubishi sublimation printers. High resolution and budget-friendly ink supply sources reduce the cost per print to many folds.

Which is Better: An Epson or a Sawgrass Sublimation Printer?

If you need a printer that works in many different ways, an Epson sublimation printer would be a good choice. It is cheaper and can perform various tasks, so if your work is multi-dimensional, then an Epson sublimation printer might be a better choice. If you want a cheap sublimation printer that you’ll use every few days, are willing to DIY the conversion, and void the warranty, then Epson is the ideal choice.

Considering the cost and the focus solely on sublimation printing for a Sawgrass printer, you may prefer it if you are starting a printing business or undertaking such work. Go with a Sawgrass sublimation printer if you have the budget and want to print large volumes of projects but don’t want to hassle with maintenance.




  • Cheapest Printers
  • Capacity to Handle a Variety of Papers
  • Sublimation Ink is Used Instead of Cartridges
  • Conversion to Sublimation Printing is Risky
  • No Maintenance Required
  • Reliable Tech Support With Warranty
  • Sawgrass Creative Studio Design Access
  • Costly Printing

Sublimation Printing On T-Shirts, Wood and Aluminum DIY Heat Transfer

What is the best sublimation dye printer on the market?

The best sublimation printer on the market is Epson, Sawgrass, and Cannon selphy. Each manufacturer produces multiple and versatile series of sublimation printers with distinctive features and specifications.

What is the cheapest sublimation printer?

The best sublimation printer under $200 is Epson EcoTank, with average printing features. The printer is good enough for personal use and not recommended for business and commercial use.

Do I need any specific printer for sublimation?

The sublimation printer heats the unique link to activate it and transfer it onto the media in bright and vibrant colors. Special printing devices help conduct the process, which is not possible with an ordinary inkjet printer.

Can I reduce the Sublimation Cost?

The sublimation itself is expensive as compared to ordinary prints. However, one can reduce the cost per print by avoiding ink wastage and deducing the power. Although the ink is expensive for sublimation dye printing, you can maximize the use with effective hacks and tricks.

What is the durability of sublimation ink?

The ink/ cartridge has a specific shelf life. Once you install the cartridges or refill the ink in ink tanks, it can last not more than 6 months. After that, it will start to dry out and may cause irreversible damage to the printing machine.

Final Verdict

The increasing demand for printed media enhances the need for modern sublimation printers. Using the best sublimation printer, you can easily embed any image or graphics using heat and pressure technology on versatile materials like glass, fabric, plastic, paper, and ceramic.

Among versatile sublimation dye printers, each has golden functionalities and complete specifications. From the 9 best sublimation printers 2022 picks and reviewsI have shortlisted 3 Best rated sublimation printers according to the buyer’s reviews and expert’s opinion.

  • Epson WorkForce WF-7720– Best Over-All Sublimation Printer
  • Canon Selphy CP1300 – Best Wireless and Compact Photo Printer
  • Brother MFC-J995DW–  All-in-One Printer with annual ink refilling

The need for a sublimation printer and selection depends entirely upon the purpose and level of printing duty. Therefore evaluate each product according to your requirements and select the best sublimation printer for your budget and environment!