Can You Use Sublimation Paper In Any Printer or For Regular Printing?

Sublimation printing is a widespread technique used to transfer the design from a sublimation paper to a piece of fabric with the help of heat and pressure by using best sublimation printer. The solid particles of dye are heated between 350 to 400 0C and are directly converted into a gaseous state. It is a cost-effective process that has gained immense popularity within a very few years. Both companies and people use this technique to prepare the customized products. 

Before starting sublimation at home, try to get to know about it. So, are you interested to learn about sublimation printing? Can You Use Sublimation Paper For Regular Printing? It is a crucial question which many of us are searching for for a long time. So, to get the best answer and to learn more about sublimation printing, you can stay here and can complete your reading!

What Is Sublimation?

The digital printing technique is trendy in this modern era, where you can print any design you want by using sublimation paper. Well, this technique can be used for any fabric which is 85% poly. The poly fabric can open the pores and accepts the dye. The dye forms strong bonds with fiber and stays there for a long time. If you can compromise on the quality, use any fabric with lower composition. But remember that it can affect the color, and as a result, you would get a faded look. 

Screen Printing Vs Sublimation

What Is Sublimation Paper And What Does Sublimation Paper Do?

The sublimation paper is a particular type of paper that is required in sublimation printing. It is prepared from the same paper substrate from which a regular paper is made. But the sublimation paper includes a special coating that can hold the dye. The coating includes 35% silica and 5% binder. It is the composition of a dried paper.

The difference in the composition of the sublimation paper is due to its function. The sublimation paper is not used to print the documents, but the primary purpose of this paper is to print the patterns on the textile and clothing. In sublimation, heat is used to vaporize and transfer the ink into the clothes. The ink hits the fabric. The ink forms the bond with ink and becomes a part of the fabric. 

How Does Sublimation Transfer Printing Work?

Unlike other printing techniques, in the case of sublimation printing, the ink is used in solid-state. And then, through the process of sublimation, the ink is directly converted into gas. 

This technique is specifically designed for the poly fibers; as the pores expand, the dye in its gaseous state is trapped by them. The ink fuses with fiber form the bond with the fiber and stays over there for a long time. Once the chemical bonds have been developed between ink and fiber, the ink is converted into its solid-state. 

Does Sublimation Paper Work With All Printers?

Different sublimation papers come with different specifications and therefore required different paper types as well. So, this way, you cannot use the sublimation paper for all the printers.  Sublimation works are entirely different, so you cannot use sublimation paper for all types of printers.  

Which Printers Can Handle Sublimation Paper?

As it would be straightforward for you now, not all printers can handle the sublimation paper. But, you can use a particular type of printer for this purpose which has been specifically designed for sublimation printing. 

The following are the printers that are helpful for sublimation printing:

  1. Inkjet Printers: The available inkjet printers are not compatible with sublimation printing, but most of the advanced printers available in the market are a perfect choice for sublimation printing
  2. Workforce Printers: The printers which are compatible with sublimation papers can be used for sublimation printing. And to make sure that the paper is compatible with sublimation or not, you can check the printer’s specifications. 
  3. Printers Specially Designed For Sublimation Printing: Many sublimation printers are specifically designed for this technique and are perfectly compatible with sublimation printing. 

Which Printers Won’t Print With Sublimation Paper?

It is recommended not to use a computer for sublimation which has not been advertised as sublimation printers. The following are the printers that are not a suitable choice for sublimation printing:

  • Check whether the printer is compatible with Sublimation CISS Ink System or not. And if the printer is not compatible, then do not use it for printing. 
  • Check the price of the printer, as the price would let you know about the quality of the printer. If it is a cheap-priced printer, it would not be compatible with sublimation printing. 
  • Most of the HP printers are not compatible with sublimation printing. But you can insert this CISS kit in these printers and then use these printers for sublimation printing. 

Can You Use Sublimation Paper For Regular Printing?

The regular printers are designed for sublimation printing. Therefore you cannot use the regular printers for sublimation. The sublimation paper can be used with sublimation printers and sublimation ink. 

How To Use Sublimation Paper With Iron?

The use of sublimation with iron seems a fascinating and unique idea. And many people have tried it as well. In sublimation printing, the ink is converted to a gaseous state, and for this purpose, heat energy is required. The iron can provide the required heat to convert the solid ink to a gaseous form. But, this idea is terrible as you would have to wash the blank every time. 

But if the amount f ink is tiny, you can use the household iron to sublimate the ink. Always use an iron that does not have any uneven spaces. Or an iron with a flat and even surface would be an ideal choice for sublimation printing.

Final Thoughts 

Sublimation is a very new, modern, and cost-effective technique that has collected immense popularity within a short time. In contrast to regular printing, the ink in sublimation is directly vaporized and then printed on the fabric. As the technique is entirely different, therefore you cannot use sublimation paper in any printer. 

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