Can You Use an Iron for Sublimation Transfers? Household Iron vs. Heat Press

Need some help with your design? You’re not alone! We will find out can you iron for sublimation transfers and whether household iron or heat press be used? I get asked if sublimation is possible and if it requires an iron that gets hot enough for printing on fabric. Well, let me show you what my findings were when testing out different methods using a household iron versus Siser heat press machine to produce prints at home in a no-time flat.

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The heat press is only the beginning of your journey to becoming a professional designer. Of course, you want everything, but it’s impossible without starting with something simple: sublimating! Without an actual machine that does this for you in design school or home appliances like panini presses and household irons alike, how long before people realize what those things can do?

Can You Use an Iron for Sublimation Transfer?

Almost all household irons will not work for sublimation transfers. This is because the heat from the steam is too much and can cause blurs or imperfections in your design, making it difficult to transfer accurately onto an item like t-shirts with this process.

However, there are some exceptions, so don’t give up hope just yet! It turns out that if you have one of those specialist garment presses explicitly designed for use on clothes, then these might be able to solve all your problems by applying firm flat pressure while being perfectly still throughout every second – no moving iron required (although they’re expensive).

Did Anyone Ever Try Sublimation with An Iron?

Yes, even our team have tried using iron for sublimation at one point or another. Most people are just excited and want to give it a try because they’re newbies. Still, others might turn out as emergencies when your heat-press suddenly quits during the production time with order deadlines looming over their head in less than 24 hours! The iron will not work for sublimation as it produces poor quality design.

What Can be Sublimated with a Regular Iron?

Sublimation is a delicate process that takes time, patience, and skill to perfect. One mistake many sublimateurs make is ironing their print onto an item because it can lead them down the path of ruin if not done carefully enough or with great caution when using household appliances such as these!

The best way for all types of fabric inks is always more gentle than those found on cotton shirts, so be sure you know how much heat should come out and what kind will work better based on size. Some items, like small round bracelets and inserts for earrings, can be printed on a regular household iron. However, sublimation is the best way to go if you want your project done right!

What is the Best Heat Press for Home Use?

When buying a heat press, there are two important factors to consider. The first is plate size and voltage requirements for your desired outlet; most people eventually outgrow anything smaller than 15×15 in the print area or lower voltages (and conversions) necessary when the unit plugs into a 110v household circuit as opposed to 220 volts found on many commercial installations.

Voltage discrepancies can cause sparks, so make sure you verify what type will work with either set before purchasing! You should invest in a heat press as it is the only thing your sublimation business lacks.

Amazon is a great place to buy heat presses for sublimation and crafters if you’re not ready for the expense of purchasing one. The Fancierstudio heat press is a budget-friendly yet a functional tool for entrepreneurs. It can handle substrates up to size 15 x15 and, at the time of this writing, requires a 110v outlet power source!

We recommend upgrading your heat press if you have the budget, as a higher quality machine will always feel better and get more out of what is being pressed. If starting up a small business with home use presses interests you, we would like to introduce our favorite company: Heat Press Nation!

They are unique because they offer interesting financing terms, which could be helpful in the beginning stages of establishing yourself in this sublimation business.

Final Words

If you plan on sublimating anything larger than a dog tag, get yourself a heat press. It doesn’t have to break your bank, and there are tons of cheap options for beginners on amazon!

If budget allows, an upgrade from these more affordable presses could be the best investment by far – I would recommend checking out Heat Press Nation’s site often because they often run promotions where prices go down even more!

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