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Sublimation paper is something that undoubtedly comes across while shopping for heat press supplies. Sublimation printing is a new digital printing technology that is gaining galloping popularity nowadays. According to Google Trends, global search volume has climbed by roughly 115% since 2004.

The ink is absorbed into the cloth rather than applied as a topcoat distinguishes best sublimation paper from other types of paper. As a result, the transfer is unrivaled in terms of durability and texture. In addition, both high and low concentration ink applies to this paper and as a result, premium quality printing is produced using the best wide format sublimation printers.

A-SUB Best Sublimation Paper for All Inkjet Printers
  • High Transfer Rate
  • Perfect for DIY
  • Fast Dry
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Best Sublimation Paper for Epson Inkjet Printer
  • High Color Reproduction
  • Best Quality Plain Paper
  • Compatible
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A-SUB Best Heat Transfer Sublimation Paper for T Shirt Printing
  • Instant Dry
  • Friendly to Use
  • High Precision
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Sublimation paper is easy to design and print customized images with bright, sharp, and saturated colors. In addition, the images can be transferred on both soft and hard textured surfaces depending on the type of paper you use on a need basis.

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These enhancements increase job efficiency, which saves time and money effectively and efficiently. Previously, it could only be used on industrial machines but is now prominent on regular digital printers, such as six- and eight-head printers.
Here, we have shortlisted and reviewed 8 best sublimation papers on Amazon after a lot of consideration and scrutiny:

So what is the Best Sublimation Paper?

  • A SUB Sublimation Paper for All Inkjet Printers
  • Best Sublimation Paper for Any Epson HP Canon Sawgrass Inkjet Printer with Sublimation Ink for T shirt Mugs DIY
  • A SUB Sublimation Paper Heat Transfer for T Shirt Printing
  • DyeMaster Best Sublimation Paper on Amazon
  • Best Sublimation Paper for Any Inkjet Printer with Sublimation Ink
  • Koala Sublimation Heat Transfer Paper Inches for Cotton T Shirts
  • Texprint R Dye Sublimation Paper for Ricoh Printers
  • Best Sublimation Paper for Heat Transfer

Top 8 Sublimation Papers Picks and Reviews 2022

1-A-SUB Sublimation Paper for All Inkjet Printers

One of the finest Sublimation Papers that is available in the market is A-SUB Sublimation Paper. It uses sublimation ink and is designed to work with all sorts of inkjet printers, and delivers consistent results throughout the printing and transfer process. In addition, it is the best sublimation paper for cotton due to its wide applicability.

A-SUB Sublimation Paper transfers images on a wide variety of substrates, including light-colored t-shirt, fabrics, polyester, premium ceramic plates or tiles, phone/tablet pouch covers, metal, and hard boards, etc. However, to keep in mind, its application is best on a less cotton-containing substrate. 

For instance, you need a shirt with less than 30% cotton or 100% polyester to get a satisfactory result. So it does not go well with cotton products at all. A-SUB Sublimation Paper is notable for having a transfer rate of over 98 percent, which is rather amazing. It provides a lay-flat performance. 

Moreover, it is very pocket-friendly because it saves extra ink on even heavy ink load. Although it saves ink, it does not compromise the quality of the image and produces rich and extravagant color with very well saturation properties. In addition, the paper has a flat smooth surface with coating and fast-drying properties, making it easier to work more efficiently and economically.

  • Exceptionally fast drying
  • Exceptional line sharpness
  • Quick transfer qualities
  • Outstanding performance
  • Transfer rate about 98%
  • Quality consistency
  • Only works with polyester or polyester-coated materials

We generally prefer to use sublimation paper that is quick to dry and tacky, making it one of the best choices. In addition, the various sizes and weights are suitable for use. A-SUB is designed to work with all inkjet printers and is considered the best brand sublimation paper that delivers consistent results throughout the printing and transfer process.


2-Best Sublimation Paper for Any Epson HP Canon Sawgrass Inkjet Printer with Sublimation Ink for T shirt Mugs DIY

This sublimation paper utilizes heat transfer paper technology to transfer printed pictures onto shirts and other textiles using heat. T-shirts, canvas bags, ceramic mugs, tiles, phone covers, pillows, metal plates, key chains, and mouse pads can benefit from the heat transfer sublimation paper.

It works great with polyester fabric containing light colors and polyester-coated items to make a fun and memorable gift for your loved ones. It utilizes a straightforward and user-friendly process. Initially, you have to print a design using an inkjet or laser printer on a sheet of heat transfer paper.

The custom-designed sheet then passes into a T-shirt utilizing a heat press. In some cases, home iron is the solution, but a heat press certainly works better and provides a fruitful result. Then take away the paper after being pressed, and the image clings to the fabric neatly. You can then have your t-shirt with your desired image.

This sublimation paper has a stunning color reproduction. It produces very vivid and sharp colors with an image transfer rate of about 98% with no fracture and blotching. Also, the colors do not fade for a long period, depending on the use of the product.
The sublimation paper dries pretty quickly, so it is very easy to handle. One of the key features is that it gives a consistent result which is a good feat from a manufactures point of view and proves to be cost-effective.

Sawgrass, Ricoh, and Epson inkjet printers are compatible with this inkjet sublimation paper. But you have to make sure that your HP or Canon printer has a piezoelectric print head. Ascertain that you have Sublimation Ink and a Heat Press Machine, then no ironing is required.

  • Excellent and rapid transfer properties
  • Exceptional lay-flat performance
  • Transfer rate ≥ 98%
  • Sharp and vivid colors
  • Remarkable quality consistency
  • No fracturing
  • Fast Dry
  • Bright, vivid colors to embellish the finished objects. Reduces manufacturing costs by using less ink, which saves a lot of money
  • Only uses sublimation ink for printing

Sublimation Paper – Heat Transfer Paper is overall a good choice depending on the use. It provides quality images and is cost-effective as it utilizes less ink without affecting the saturation of colors.


3-A-SUB Best Heat Transfer Sublimation Paper for T Shirt Printing

As the name suggests, a-SUB Sublimation Paper Heat utilizes heat technology. It is considered one of the most efficient ways to make customized, high-quality custom T-shirts and other clothing. The procedure begins with an inkjet or laser printer producing a design or photo onto transfer paper, then laying the paper on top of the shirt and applying heat and pressure with a heat press.

Heat transfer paper is also incredibly simple to use; decorators of all backgrounds and levels of experience can jump right in and start creating products with it. It is important to notice that sublimation paper absorbs moisture; thus, damp air isn’t good. It makes sublimation paper characteristically soft and spongy; therefore, it absorbs humidity in the air.

Due to this, the transferred image may appear blotchy with uneven and unsaturated colors. Hence humidity affects heat transfer paper as well. If there is too much moisture in the paper, laser or inkjet printing is more likely to be susceptible to color bleeding and blotching and because this type of printing is not textureless and applies a coating. This can result in imperfect image transfer with peeled or curled edges of the sheet.

A-sub sublimation heat transfer paper is for almost all inkjet printers, especially Ricoh, Sawgrass, Hp, and Epson. Also, this A-SUB sublimation paper uses microporous technology, which allows ink to permeate the coating deeply, reduces dust shedding, and leaves no white dots on the printed paper and transferred substrates, making it ideal for textured surfaces.

  • Excellent and rapid transfer properties
  • Exceptional lay-flat performance
  • Transfer rate ≥ 98%
  • Sharp and vivid colors
  • Remarkable quality consistency
  • No fracturing
  • Fast Dry
  • Bright, vivid colors to embellish the finished objects. Reduces manufacturing costs by using less ink, which saves a lot of money
  • Only uses sublimation ink for printing

A-SUB Sublimation Paper Heat is more or less better for working in a less humid environment; otherwise, the sublimation paper can produce blotchy images with unsaturated colors. So, it depends on the type of usage whether you want to choose it or not.


4-DyeMaster Best Sublimation Paper on Amazon

DyeMaster sublimation paper is the most advanced transfer sublimation paper available on the market. It was designed from the ground up to be a high-quality dye sublimation paper, unlike many other dye sublimation papers, which are essentially expensive inkjet printing papers.

DyeMaster is equally effective for Ricoh and Epson sublimation printers, with ultra-fast drying times even on uncoated surfaces and heavy ink load. The coating contains roughly 35% silica and 5% binder, depending on the mass of the paper after drying.
Only dye sublimation ink is compatible with this type of sublimation printer paper.

Subsequently, this sublimation ink is compatible with any Epson, Ricoh, or Sawgrass inkjet printer. The sheet has a printable white side while the other has words written on it, making it easy to recognize. One of the most noteworthy features in DyeMaster is that the drying time of the paper is under 30 seconds which is a plus point from a manufacturer’s point of view as it can help save a lot of time under heavy workloads.

  • Industry’s highest transfer rate
  • Colors are rich and vivid
  • Excellent printing details
  • Remarkable quality consistency
  • Brilliant line sharpness
  • The drying time is under 3 seconds
  • Only works on polyester materials and hard substrates with a polymer coating

Dye Master Sublimation paper is exceptional in regards that it produces sharp images with bright and vivid colors. Also, it can transfer larger customized images with brilliantly saturated colors.


5- Best Sublimation Paper for Any Inkjet Printer with Sublimation Ink

Inkjet printers are best for sublimation by using sublimation ink. It is considered one of the best A4 sublimation papers. Though there is a bottom line which inkjet printers can support sublimation ink, not all inkjet printers are suitable for sublimation. Therefore, print head compatibility with sublimation ink is the main consideration.

Dye sublimation ink is compatible with this sublimation printer paper. This sublimation printer paper is compatible with any sublimation inkjet printer from Epson, Ricoh, or Sawgrass. The sheet has a printable white side which makes it easy to distinguish which side to print on.

A high-quality inkjet printer is best for this sublimation paper for better compatibility with paper size and sublimation ink. It must have a wide use like for mugs, shirts, mousepads, etc. It lets you transfer any image to any textured surface and make it one-of-a-kind by using your imagination.

It prints the image using a sublimation ink in an inkjet printer by printing on the white side using the “Mirror Printing” setting. Set both the temperature and the timer. Place the printed image face down on the item to be transferred, then peel the transferred paper away when finishing the pressing process.

  • Higher color reproduction
  • There is no fading, cracking, or rough feeling
  • Ultra-High transfer rate of 98%
  • The color came out clear and clean
  • There is no fading, cracking, or a rough feeling
  • Vibrant colors that endure a long time
  • Heat Press Machine does not iron
  • Only for light-colored or white polyester fabrics and coated polyester goods

This sublimation paper is useable in a wide range of inkjet printers. So, you have a wide range of printers to select from and create your desired images.


6-Koala Sublimation Heat Transfer Paper for Cotton T Shirts

Heat transfer printing and sublimation printing are two different methods of transfer printing. They both have benefits and drawbacks, but they are better suited to certain needs. Because there is still some doubt about sublimation and how it works, we’ll look at the most often asked questions and clear things up.

Heat transfer printing needs transfer paper, which is a specific type of paper. It is possible to print on this paper with conventional inks using a standard inkjet or laser printer. Then press the paper against the garment with a heat press or, in certain situations, an iron, and peel the paper away.

The design will then have adhered to your clothes, and the transfer will be visible. Most heat transfer paper is capable of using on various fabrics. This includes natural cotton and poly textiles. Moreover, both light and dark-colored clothes are easily printable. This Koala Sublimation Heat Transfer Paper is the updated version, which is smoother and flatter, dries instantly, and gives a brilliant color presentation with a much higher transfer rate. Therefore, we can declare it as the best sublimation paper for heat press.

  • Ultra-fast drying
  • Non-faded colors, with zero cracks and a smooth feeling
  • Vivid, sharp image
  • Over 98% Ultra High transfer rate
  • Long-lasting colors
  • Outstanding lay-flat performance
  • Only Heat Press Machine is compatible
  • Used for less cotton containing and polyester-coated items

One of the upsides of Koala Sublimation Heat Transfer Paper is that it is usable on dark cloth as a substrate for producing an image as it uses heat transfer technology.


 7-Texprint-R Dye Sublimation Paper for Ricoh Printers

TexPrint-R dye sublimation is a special purpose sublimation paper exclusively made for Ricoh printers that utilize Sublijet-R and SubliJet-HD inks. TexPrint-R sublimation paper provides optimum performance in Sawgrass and Ricoh dye printers. This sublimation paper fully anticipates the speeds of Ricoh printers and proves to be the best sublimation paper and ink combo.

TexPrint-R dye sublimation paper print customized images on all sorts of less cotton-containing products like glass coasters, mousepads, mats, a polyester containing pillow covers, door signs, t-shirts, including polo, and sweatshirts, etc. TexPrint-R family of sublimation papers is renowned for producing quality images encasing realistic and precise color schemes with rich, evenly spread colors. In addition, the sublimation paper comes with a smooth coating that allows the use of sublimation ink and better absorption.

 Due to this coating printer can produce bright and colorful image transfers of excellent quality. One of the most prominent features of this sublimation paper is its great dimensional stability, even when printing at high speeds and heavy ink loads. Furthermore, it shows exceptional resistance to offsetting and smudging, which can be very hectic with other dye sublimation paper if not used wisely and properly.

Moreover, it prevents directional out-gassing, which occurs when dye-gases are directed at the receptor with no back gassing. This results in an uneven color distribution and provides high-quality, tailored images for transfer. Also, TexPrintR dye sublimation paper is 100% recyclable which is the main factor when buying sublimation printing papers. The environment is deteriorating day by day, disrupting the entire ecosystem in which we live. 

  • Fast Drying
  • Suitable on all kinds of substrates (mugs, t-shirts, caps, cushion covers, coasters, mats, mousepads, etc.)
  • Quality images with precise and bright color
  • Discourages smudging and back gassing
  • High output efficiency
  • Only compatible with Sungrass and Ricoh dye printers

TexPrint-R dye-sublimation printers cannot be used in many printers and can only be used exclusively with Sungrass and Ricoh dye printers. In addition, image quality is extravagant and discourages smudging and blotting.


8-Best Sublimation Paper for Heat Transfer

Sublimation paper heat transfer sheets never cease to satisfy the customer needs, therefore used extensively in Sublimation printing. It is one of the best sublimation papers for heat transfer. Readily available to customize all sorts of products, including Discoloration and coated mugs, non-cotton pillows, ceramics mugs and plates, mousepads, mobile or tablet cases, and plates as well.

Sublimation heat transfer sheets are suitable for less cotton, chemical fiber, and coated products. They aim at producing a high-colored, wrinkle-free image and bouncy sample. Sublimation Paper Heat Transfer Sheet comes with a great texture containing a very well coating that makes it easier to absorb the ink quickly and smoothly, producing precise and very realistic colors.

These heat transfer sheets come with excellent stability when kept under high temperature and room temperature, protecting them from deformation. This particular character allows you to work under high-temperature conditions and to touch it closely.

Although there are certain befitting benefits, one has to be cautious not to touch the image on the sheet right out of the printer because it is a slow-drying paper and may leave fingerprints on the sheet. Also, it is essential to fold the sheet in the opposite direction before putting it in for printing if the sheet is not flat due to its coating, as it may clog the printer and disrupt the process.

  • Compatible with a wide range of products
  • Stable under high temperature
  • Precise and realistic colors
  • Absorbs ink quickly and evenly due to smooth texture
  • Slow drying
  • Not suitable for Non-cotton products

Although Sublimation Paper Heat Transfer Sheets produce a fine image quality and are compatible with other inkjet printers, the drying process is slow, which can be hectic during workload.


         Buying Guide for Best Sublimation Papers

One side of the sublimation paper has a unique coating. This sublimation-coated paper serves three purposes:

  • Accept the Epson printer’s sublimation ink cartridge.
  • Transport the ink from the printer to the heat press.
  • Apply ink to the product by transferring it from the paper.

The ultimate results impact if the sublimation paper fails to function in any area; hazy, darkish, ghosting or the inability to achieve deeply saturated colors are common examples. Therefore, picking the right sublimation paper is crucial. What to look for while buying a sublimation paper is the next question? When picking the correct sublimation transfer paper, there are a few factors to be considered.

Limits and Capacity of Ink

This is an important factor to consider; the greater the ink limit (wet), the thicker the paper must be for the ink to absorb moisture without curling or warping.

Pattern of Ink

This determines how a very intricate design artwork with heavy and light ink input deploys printing. The problem with low-weight papers is that they get curled and shifted after being pressed. The ideal answer is to use 110gsm or higher paper that accepts both heavy and light inks.

Capacity production

‘Calendar heat press’ usually prefers low-gsm papers. However, in the case of strong ink, the limit and capacity need a clear examination. Don’t ignore to check the restrictions of high-capacity production and the consequences such as warping and curling.

Speed of printing

The pace at which the paper gets printed determines the quality of the finished product. Slow printing generates thick paper, while fast printing provides lightweight paper.

The humidity of the working environment

In low humidity, it is preferable to use 70gsm when the humidity is less than 45 percent. The reason is that the print side will hunch up when the paper shrinks after the paper absorbs ink during the printing. The “hunch-up” will be more visible and unsuitable for transfer. Also, because 90g & 120g of paper are denser than 70g, the “hunch-up” will harm the printhead. Because 70gsm paper is softer, it can help relieve “hunch-up” and safeguard your printhead from harm.

In high humidity when there is a high level of humidity (more than 70%). Choose a paper with a weight of 90-120 grams per square meter. Because paper is prone to damping in high humidity, it softens and loses rigidity. Because the rigidity and hardness of low-weight paper become compromised, printing smoothly will be problematic. The greatest choice right now is 90-120 gsm.

The following two-part method is inevitable for successful dye-sublimation:

  • Designs are printed using sublimation inks on the special transfer paper.
  • The ink-on-paper is transferred to the item using a heat press.

First, what is the best sublimation paper for dark shirts?

White or light-colored cloth bases are ideal for sublimation. However, Koala Sublimation Heat Transfer Paper is most suited for the darker fabric. You can use it on darker tints, but your colors will be affected. Sublimation printing does not require white ink. Instead, the white parts of the design are left unprinted, revealing the textile’s base color.

What is the best sublimation paper for mugs?

Sublimation Papers on the market. It is designed to work with all inkjet printers and delivers consistent results throughout the printing and transfer process. This sublimation paper provides color to high-quality polyester, cotton-based materials (30%), mugs, phone cases, puzzles, mousepads, ceramic plates, bags, cups, non-cotton pillows, and light fabrics, among other things.

What is the best sublimation paper for sawgrass?

As sawgrass printer is widely used for fabric printing, and most favorable for fabric printing is DYEMASTER as it is the most advanced and updated version for sublimation. Moreover, A-sub sublimation heat paper and kola sublimation heat transfer paper also gives brilliant results for sawgrass printer.

What is the best paper for sublimation?

A-sub sublimation paper is the most iconic paper amongst sublimation papers. It dries instantly, gives brilliant, sharp edges, has excellent and rapid transfer properties, no fracturing in the print, outstanding lay-flat performance, and an ultrafast transfer rate of 98%.

What is the best sublimation paper to use?

There is rarely a single paper type that will work for all applications when selecting the best sublimation paper. The nature of sublimation printing could either be digital sublimation print, sublimation through a heat press, or sublimation by heat transfer. So the type of transfer paper to use is determined by the substrate to be transferred to.

What is the best sublimation paper?

The best sublimation paper is the one that dries instantly, highlights sharp edges, has a rapid transfer rate, gives no sign of fracture, has outstanding lay-flat performance, and is printable for the maximum substrate. Although it varies from user to user, A-Sub Sublimation is best out in the market considering all facts and variables.

Final Verdict

When selecting the best transfer paper, there is rarely a single material that will work for all applications. The selection of transfer paper to use depends on the substrate type, which could either be a hard or soft textured surface. After going through the 8 best sublimation papers reviews, it is apparent to enlist top amongst them. 

  • A-Sub Best Sublimation Paper for all inkjet printers with a wide range of applicability
  • DyeMaster Best Sublimation Printer on Amazon as most advanced transfer sublimation paper
  • Koala Best Sublimation Paper which the updated version of heat transfer sublimation paper

All these sublimation papers are reliable and are of high quality, high transfer rate, vivid color look, longevity, durable, exceptional lay-flat performance, and sharp color edge to make the image more vibrant.

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