Best Epson Printer for Sublimation

Get these best Epson printers for sublimation with effortless performance and efficiency to become a successful entrepreneur.

Pyramid of start-up options, but sublimation printing has been a pace-setter in online and physical markets because it demands no professional qualifications or accomplishments. All you need is the best Epson printer for sublimation to become a successful entrepreneur, while time, effort, and cash stand concurrently.

Epson EcoTank Photo ET-8550 Wide-Format Color All-in-One Printer
  • Brilliant large-size photos.
  • Individual ink cartridges.
  • Ultra-high-definition
  • 4.3 inch color touch screen
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Epson Expression XP-15000 – Best Epson Printer For Sublimation

  • Looks appealing
  • Smooth interface
  • Automatic duplex feature
  • Can take large sheets
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Epson Expression Home XP-440 –  Wide Format Sublimation Printer
  • Lightweight
  • Multiple connectivity options
  • Demands no extra effort
  • Fast printing process
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Doing business always includes risks, but you can save your money by purchasing reliable products. In this blog, I’ll share some top-notch Epson printers which are eye-catching for their exceptionally time-saving and effortless performance and efficiency. The article proceeds further with an explanatory buying guide that assists you in picking a suitable printer, so let’s start with products:

What are Best Epson Printers for Sublimation?

  • Epson EcoTank Photo ET-8550 Wide-Format Color All-in-One Printer
  • Epson Expression XP-15000 – Best Epson Printer For Sublimation Printing
  • Epson Expression Home XP-440 –  Wide Format Sublimation Printer
  • Epson EcoTank ET-2760 – Best Epson Printer For Sublimation
  • Epson Workforce WF-2830 (N) – Sublimation Printer Best Buy
  • Epson WorkForce Pro WF-3720 – Epson Printer With Sublimation Ink
  • Epson WorkForce ET-3750 – Epson Large Format Sublimation Printer
  • Epson Workforce Pro WF-3820 – Cheapest Epson Printer For Sublimation

8 Best Epson Sublimation Printers Review and Buying Guide

 Epson EcoTank Photo ET-8550 Wide-Format color All-in-One Printer


  • Features: Super-high-definition, produces high-quality photos,  ink replacement bottles.
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Epson Expression XP-15000 – Best Epson Printer For Sublimation Printing


  • Features: Interface that is easy to use, Large sheets can be taken, Feature of automatic duplexing
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Epson Expression Home XP-440 –  Wide Format Sublimation Printer


  • Features: Weightless, Speedy printing, portable device.
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Epson EcoTank ET-2760 – Best Epson Printer For Sublimation


  • Features: attractive price, easy-to-use ink bottles, Provides warranty
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Epson Workforce WF-2830 (N) – Sublimation Printer Best Buy


  • Features: low price and specifications, The ability to print on both sides
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Epson WorkForce Pro WF-3720 – Epson Printer With Sublimation Ink


  • Features: Option that saves you time, built-in LCD, continually load pages.
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Epson WorkForce ET-3750 – Epson Large Format Sublimation Printer


  • Features: a wide range of connectivity options, Capacity for large sheets, Simple to operate
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Epson Workforce Pro WF-3820 – Cheapest Epson Printer For Sublimation


  • Features: more progressive, cost-efficient, quality printing, advanced connectivity options
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1: Epson EcoTank Photo ET-8550 Wide-Format Color All-in-One Printer


9.7/10 Our Score
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  • Paper Capacity: 151
  • Minimum paper size: 4″ x 6″
  • Minimum paper size: 13″ x 19″
  • Print speed: 16 prints per minute

EcoTank ET-8550 wireless all-in-one printer, with incredible value, prints lab-quality photos, graphics, and daily documents. With this new line of printers, you will never run out of ink again. This printer also uses PrecisionCore technology. Epson’s excellent support and service also back the product.

You can print photos using low-cost replacement ink bottles. Your printing costs can be reduced by as much as 80% when you print your photos in-house. Your printer can go further than any other printer you’ve ever used before. Print up to 1.3mm thick, and it’s print quality will not be fade up to 2 years from the time of printing. Print on paper, cardstock, or even plastic sheets.

Prints will never go out of style. Inkjet printers have been around for years, but they’re still one of the most popular devices used to print documents. Multiple-page printing is possible with many different products. However, there are also many solutions available for those who aren’t interested in printing. It has multiple features like Scanner, Copier, Ethernet, and 4.3-inch Color Touchscreen.

For a family or office, This Printer is a great choice. Its compact size, ability to print a wide variety of documents and low price make it an excellent option. MicroTFP printheads use ink precisely to minimize wastage, and the high-capacity ink bottles will reduce the need for ink replacement.

  • A very good performance.
  • You can print on a wide range of paper sizes.
  • Controllable easily.
  • The final print has great contrast and color.
  • Very easy printing method.
  • The cost is a bit higher
  • Product weight is a little bit heavy.

As a result, if you want to print high-quality photos and graphics at an affordable price, the Epson EcoTank Photo ET-8550 is a great choice. With its cartridge-free printing and zero-waste design, this printer is easy to operate and saves you money on printing. It also features an intuitive touch display and wireless capabilities.

2: Epson Expression XP-15000 – Best Epson Printer For Sublimation Printing


9.5/10 Our Score
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  • 6 individual ink cartridges
  • Print Resolution: 5760 x 1440
  • Print Speed Black: 9.2 ISO ppm
  • Print Speed Color: 9.0 ISO ppm

Considering the trending products which have scored positive customer ratings is always a promising idea. I bought the XP-15000 model by Epson after seeing its excellent reputation in the market, and trust me. It was a worthwhile decision. This is another Inkjet printer that is combined with some special printing features, which will be discussed right here.

The profile of XP-15000 is a little different from Workforce models but is quite appealing and decent. It has a front face display and regulatory buttons to operate the overall printing process. The usage is pretty convenient, but in case you find any difficulty, seek help from manuals given by the manufacturers.

While buying a printer, print quality or resolution is a demand feature because this is actually what you’re paying for! Luckily, with XP 15000, you don’t have to compromise over that as it takes out ultra HD quality prints. However, this printer is intended to work using Epson cartridges only, like the model reviewed above. That’s not a drawback, but limited compatibility offered by manufacturers!

You must have seen that page loading space is quite large in this printer. That’s because it can print up to 13 x 19 inches sheet, which is enormous. It shows compatibility with paper and cards and an automatic duplex feature. This specification helps you print double-sided sheets, which cuts down your extra cost and money.

  • Professional grade printer
  • Duplex feature included
  • Can print large sheets
  • Limited cartridge compatibility

Ready to start your home sublimation printing business? Let’s go with Epson 15000 professional-level printer, which offers HD quality resolution, smooth setup, and fast printouts. It is integrated with a duplex feature to provide you with a double-sided print. If you’re okay with its limited cartridge compatibility, there is no other option on the market that can beat the performance of XP 15000!

3: Epson Expression Home XP-440 –  Wide Format Sublimation Printer


9.4/10 Our Score
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  • Easily print Facebook photos
  • 100-sheet paper capacity
  • creative custom cards
  • Four individual ink cartridges
  • 7″ LCD

The next on this list is Epson Expression Home XP-440, an all-in-one printing device! It stands out primarily for offering promising output and a bunch of connectivity options. Let’s not create more suspense and see what’s more in this best Epson printer for sublimation!

The design of Expression Home XP-440 is quite diminutive, as it measures: 5.4 inches in height, 15.4 inches in width, and 11.8 inches in diameter, and weighs only nine pounds. In short, this printing device is a compact, lightweight, and relocatable machine. However, its mini size doesn’t mean any compromise over specifications as it performs well too.

The Expression Home XP-440 comes with a 2.7 inches LCD panel display and control options, making usage more feasible. The paper feeder is located below the panel set-up and has the capacity of storing up to hundred plain sheets. In my opinion, tray-loading capacity should be considered. Otherwise, you may end up with a device that puts a burden of loading on you.

As I said before, the XP 440 is known for featuring boundless connectivity features! You can connect your mobile phones, USBs, computers, laptops, PCs, WiFi-Direct, and more to avail network-free printing process. The XP 440 also supports AirPrint and Cloud Print, allowing all Apple or Android users to transfer data and take out high-quality prints in minutes! This feature is quite assistive for office workers or students because it is time-saving and facile.

  • Convenient setup
  • Easy to relocate
  • LCD display
  • Lacks fax

Briefly, if the price is not a matter of concern for you, the Epson XP 440 is the best Epson printer for sublimation out there! I am impressed with its bunch of connectivity options, including ports and wireless, and the fast printing process. The setup is modern, too, as it boasts an LCD and control buttons, making regulation error-free and fast.

 4: Epson EcoTank ET-2760 – Best Epson Printer For Sublimation


9.2/10 Our Score
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  • Auto 2-sided printing
  • 44” color display
  • print 7,500 black  / 6,000 colored pages
  • EcoTank Ink Bottles
  • Compact Design
  • Eco-friendly
  • Affordable
  • Offers Warranty

Epson is undoubtedly a front-runner in the best sublimation printer brands race for selling remarkable products. The company has brought us multiple top-notch printers, and for me, the Epson EcoTank ET-2760 ranks the top because of its excellent quality and features at an affordable rate. This is just the beginning of what we can reveal about the robotic printer, so let’s discuss!

Whenever I look up to the best Epson printer for sublimation, the first thing which I consider is always its appearance or build quality. The Epson EcoTank ET-2760 has a white body and the following dimensions: 13.7 inches in length, 14.8 inches in width, and 9.4 inches in height, and its weight is no more than 6 kgs. So you see, it is a compact size printer which can be placed in any limited space at your workplace or room. It is also easy to relocate because of its handy design.

For the best Epson printer for sublimation, printing speed demands your consideration too, but make sure to address the application first. The ET-2760 can print ten black and white and five colored pages in no more than a minute. I found this printing speed impressive, considering the low cost of this printer device. Moreover, the Epson EcoTank ET-2760 has dual trays for holding papers: A-3, legal or wide papers. Unlike conventional printers, there is no need to take off and put on sheets repeatedly as the printer accesses them accordingly by itself.

Over that, you might be wondering why this printer is called an EcoTank? The old-school printers used small cartridge fillings, which were quite expensive and challenging because if you run out of those fillings, your printer will not function. Luckily, Epson threw all of us out of that hassle printing experience by launching these EcoTank printers that have easy-fit ink bottles that can save your money and time and the stack of waste produced by those old cartridge fillings.

  • Environmentally friendly
  • Affordable
  • Fast Printing experience
  • Challenging to operate for novices

In a nutshell, I found the Epson EcoTank ET-2760 great for budget-conscious buyers. Its affordability doesn’t impact its performance as it offers high-quality prints in less time. Over that, the design is quite compact, easy to move, and compatible. I am pretty sure that you’ll not regret having this best Epson printer for sublimation!

5: Epson Workforce WF-2830 (N) – Sublimation Printer Best Buy


9.0/10 Our Score
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  • 4-color (CMYK)
  • Weight:5 lb
  • Auto 2-sided printing
  • Auto Document Feeder for copying
  • Dual-side printing feature
  • LCD
  • Looks fancy
  • Cheap-rate

Computer printing is of different types; amongst all, inkjet printing technology has won the audience’s hearts by offering the utmost reliability and performance. Inkjet printing includes creating digital pictures by driving ink over a substrate, which can be fabric, plastic, or paper. The hype of inkjet printers increased in the late 2000s and is now integrated into a range of printers, including professional-grade and affordable.

If you’re here to pick out a cost-effective Epson inkjet printer, there is no better choice than Workforce WF-2830! The Workforce series by Epson was intended to bring flexibility, increase productivity, and convenience. There are several printer models under this line, but WF-2830 is my top preference primarily for its cheap price and specifications.

The Workforce WF-2830 comes in a stylish top-loading design and has a small panel over the front face with some regulatory buttons. The LCD is not too large, as it is 1.4 inches only, but serves its purpose efficiently. You can easily navigate the printing, copying, scanning, and faxing process through this panel-oriented setup. In brief, based on the interface, this model is best suited for office use as well as for home businesses.

Over that, this printer has added swiftness to the overall printing process as it can store 100 papers which decreases the burden of reloading. The cartridge replacement is only required once it runs out of ink, and for best performance, I recommend you to use fillers manufactured by Epson. This printer can only print 10 black and white papers and 4.5 colored sheets in sixty seconds. It can take out double-sided prints, too. Noticing the price, these speed-oriented features are extravagant!

In my opinion, wireless technology has made daily working tasks easier and faster. For instance, you don’t need to move for a phone call as mobile phones are in your pocket now. Similarly, the wireless connectivity in printers has cut down the effort of ports, cables, and jets and allows us to transfer data by means of Bluetooth and Wi-Fi! You can print out files, images, texts, and more directly from your cell phone with this Workforce WF-2830 printing machine.

  • Fast printing
  • LCD panel
  • Wireless connectivity
  • Cost-effective
  • Not very long-lasting

Factually speaking, everyone cannot afford fancy and expensive models. In this sequence, WF-2830 is the best Epson printer for sublimation! I am impressed with the fast performance of this printing device. It boasts a front-loading design with an LCD panel and regulatory keystrokes that cuts down the chance of human error.

6: Epson WorkForce Pro WF-3720 – Epson Printer With Sublimation Ink


8.9/10 Our Score
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  • sheet capacity: 250
  • Resolution: 4800 x 2400
  • PrecisionCore 4S Print Head
  • Weight:19.9 lb
  • High sheet loading capacity
  • LCD touchscreen display
  • Works smoothly
  • Time-saving option

Another front-runner from the Workforce series is called the Epson WorkForce Pro WF-3720! This black-body printer comes in a minimalistic design and is ideal for office and home use. On the front side, it has a built-in LCD that visualizes the settings you can operate through buttons: back, home, and more. The overall look of the WorkForce Pro WF-3720 is similar to the WF-2830, but the touch screen panel and 2.7inches display make it an outstanding choice.

In my daily office routine, it is challenging to load pages repeatedly. Don’t fret! This difficulty has been solved with this excellent model as it has a large sheet loader with 250 pages. The Pro WF-3720 can print twenty black and white and ten coloring pages in a minute.

It has many perks which make this printing device a speedy choice in today’s market. For example, it requires only one cartridge refill to print all the maximum loaded. There is a cartridge filling mess; you just need to place the filling, and you’re done. However, it won’t work using refills of companies except for Epson, which is a little drawback.

Whenever you buy a printer, you need to check its connectivity options to determine its compatibility and convenience. The WF3720 is a considerable option in this sequence because it shows compatibility with Windows 10, 8, 8.1, 7, XP, Vista, Mac OS, and more. You can also connect to WiFi directly to share documents or files using wireless connectivity.

  • Fast working printer
  • Touchscreen display
  • Range of connectivity options
  • Only compatible with Epson cartridges

Long story short, the Epson WF 3720 is an excellent printer that features a comparatively large LCD touchscreen display. The interface of this printer is pretty convenient and smooth, even for a novice. Compared to its market competitors, this printer has been a best-selling option—all credit goes to its speedy performance.

7. Epson WorkForce ET-3750 – Epson Large Format Sublimation Printer


8.8/10 Our Score
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  • Easily refillable ink tanks
  • 4″ color LCD
  • CD-ROM for product setup
  • 4 individual ink bottles
  • Professional quality printer
  • High sheets capacity
  • Highly compatible
  • Easy to operate

When you plan to start a business, you should rely on professional quality products like the Epson WorkForce ET-3750 printer! It is an expensive model, but the price is worth its specifications. It comes in black, starting from the design, with a front display panel. The screen shows a range of printing, scanning, copying, and adding options smoothly and allows users to operate through keystrokes located next to the screen.

As I said before, old-fashioned cartridge refilling makes the printing process hectic and challenging. All thanks to Epson for launching eco tank fillers which require less time, effort, and money! The ET3750 features a no-cartridge printing process and comes with thirty ink sets to print 14000 black and white and 11200 coloring pages. According to manufacturers, these ink fillers are enough for around two years of printing. Isn’t it incredible?

In addition, this high-grade printer is compatible with a range of sheet sizes, from A 4 to 8.5 x 11 inches. The loader can store up to 150 sheets simultaneously, minimizing reloading effort and time. Over that, it includes an automated double-sided printout function called a duplex. In a word, the process is speedy and efficient!

  • Efficient
  • Professional level printer
  • Compatible
  • Expensive

In conclusion, the ET3750 is another remarkable printer that belongs to the Epson EcoTank series! It features boundless connectivity options and stands out primarily for its increased compatibility with the range of sheets of paper sizes. However, it is not an affordable choice, but its high-end work makes it worth buying.

8. Epson Workforce Pro WF-3820 – Cheapest Epson Printer For Sublimation


8.8/10 Our Score
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  • sheet paper capacity: 250
  • innovative heat-free technology
  • ADF streamline workflow
  • Convenient panel interface
  • Versatile
  • Compatible
  • Efficient

Last on this list is Epson Workforce Pro WF-3820, which has caught the audience’s attention by featuring Precision-Core technology by Epson! This innovative technology makes printing simpler, more progressive, and cost-efficient—making this machine best for commercial or home use. The system boosts the performance speed of printers and offers quality printing.

Besides, the profile of this printer is somehow similar to other models of Epson, but I find Epson Workforce Pro WF-3820 more durable and sturdy than its market competitors. It features an LCD touchscreen display, a control panel, and setting buttons at the front face, and on the bottom, there is space for loading pages. It can store 250 sheets at once, which is enough for heavy workloads. To enhance productivity further, manufacturers added automatic dual-sided printing features too!

Epson has launched advanced connectivity options in its printing devices, and fortunately, the Epson Workforce Pro WF-3820 is not an exception! It is compatible with wireless connectivity options, including Wi-Fi Direct and Bluetooth, and physical connectivity choices, including Ethernet networking, USB, and more. You can also transfer data through an app called “smart panel app” by Epson!

  • Highly compatible
  • Wireless connectivity options
  • Touchscreen LCD
  • Consumes comparatively more ink

In the end, this best Epson printer for sublimation is a trustworthy choice that boasts a touchscreen display, user-friendly interface, and convenient setup. High compatibility, wireless connectivity options, fast printing, and smart panel application make it a top-notch model. It is an advanced option from Epson’s workforce series!

Factors You Need To Consider

Buying a sublimation printer is an important purchase, especially when you need one for a start-up! Various parameters require your top consideration before you spend your precious money at any time. Cost is the primary matter of concern for most buyers out there, but make sure that you’re getting what you’re paying for! This buying guide will cover all the imperative factors that lead to a worthwhile sublimation printer.

Build Quality

No matter what you’re purchasing, the primary factor to consider is the build quality. At first glance, you can judge a product by its appearance, whether it is made of good quality materials or cheap. You have to pick the one which features heavy-duty construction.

In short, an excellent sublimation printer is made of heat and water-resistant heavy-duty plastic material. The printer drum is aluminum metal, shielded with a light-sensitive material. A printer that possesses such high-grade construction features utmost durability and resilience.


The interface or panel of printers are of different kinds, and some are user-friendly while others are challenging to operate. You don’t always need to buy a basic printer because it might lack extra specs. However, one thing which you need to consider here is your skills! If you think you can operate a professional-grade sublimation printer without delay, you should get one.

In my opinion, learning innovative and advanced technology is always helpful as it keeps you updated. I found modern digital sublimation printers great because they are integrated with touchscreen panels and other advanced options that conventional printers lack. In a nutshell, these diminutive proceeding set-ups are fast and convenient.


A printer executes output after connecting through some source to receive input. That input source could be a PC, laptop, Android smartphone, iPhone, USB, or more. Before buying any printer, you need to check its compatibility with whether it can connect with your gadgets or not. A range of top-notch sublimation printers offer many connectivity options but keep in mind that price also increases with those variations.

The best Epson printer for sublimation is the one that can connect to your mobile phones, USBs, computers, laptops, PCs, WiFi-Direct, and more and offer a network-free printing process. Some Epson models also support AirPrint and Cloud Print, allowing all Apple or Android users to transfer data and take out high-quality prints in minutes!

Epson also owns an application software called “Epson iPrint,” which facilitates an effortless printing process. You can simply download the app from Playstore or App Store and print your selfies, favorite group photos, or more through remote printing. All these additional options help make the printing process fast and effortless.

Print Quality

A sublimation print should be of the finest quality and impressive detailing, especially if you’re running a business through it. For this, you must consider the best Epson printer for sublimation that has promising print quality. However, how can you determine print quality? “Resolution” is the answer, meaning the higher the printer resolution, the higher will be its clarity and detail. In my recommendation, a 300dpi print is optimistic. However, you can get better if you spend more!

Ink Cartridge

An ink cartridge carries the ink for printing and works as an ink reservoir or deposit. Once the ink is stocked out, you need to add a new filler to continue the process. These cartridge fillings are pricier and effort-taking, so Epson launched the EcoTank printers that have easy-fit ink bottles, which can save not only your money and time but also the stack of waste produced by those old cartridge fillings. So, if you’re frustrated with old-school cartridge fillings, get an EcoTank printer model by Epson!

Advanced Features

The modern-designed printers boast extraordinary features, including touchscreen LED panel, Bluetooth, WiFi-Direct connectivity, and more. All those advanced features add more convenience and timeliness to the printing procedure. However, these innovative and latest printers cost you more than conventional ones.

Brand Name

Sublimation printers cost you hundreds of dollars, so you should rely on branded products! The Japanese company Seiko Epson Corporation is a milestone for selling exceptional quality printing devices and imaging gadgets in the electronics market. There is no better choice than Epson in terms of boundless features and warranty when it comes to printers.


A sublimation printer’s cost depends upon the count of specifications, build quality, and more. For instance, you can get an average home printer for $300, but a professional-grade printer costs you at least $500. The price scale extravagantly expands up to ten thousand dollars. However, in my opinion, you can get a promising sublimation printer for around $350 to $600! As far as price is concerned, the EcoTank ET-2760 by Epson is my top preference.

How does Sublimation Printing work?

In this section, I’ll highlight the sublimation process to give you a better understanding. The sublimation printing process utilizes heat to convert into gas and permanently stick onto the fabric or paper. The fading or permanency depends on three things: ink’s quality, printer’s quality, and fabric’s quality. If you’re an entrepreneur, make sure to get the finest products to avoid any negative customer feedback or other risks in the future.


Yes, Epson has launched a sublimation printer range that features high-quality printing by demanding less effort and time. I have discussed the best Epson printer for sublimation in this blog, so you better take a look at those to decide wisely. In a word, the best sublimation printer by Epson is EcoTank ET-2760 for its affordability, compact size, and speedy set-up.

The Epson EcoTank printers stand out for offering a hassle-free printing experience as they have easy-fit ink bottles, which can save your money and time and the stack of waste produced by those old cartridge fillings. From the series, I found Epson EcoTank ET-2760 top-notch because of its economical price, high-quality prints, and convenient set-up.

The price of a sublimation printer depends on its features. For instance, you can get a home printer for $300, but a professional-grade printer costs you at least $500. Believe me or not, this price range expands up to ten thousand dollars! In my opinion, you can get a promising sublimation printer for around $350 to $600!

Final Thoughts

The article brings you a detailed debate over the best Epson printer for sublimation! Now it’s your time to utilize this discussion to make the ideal purchase. If you’re still thinking, take a second and look at my top favorite printers for sublimation:

  • Epson EcoTank ET-2760: compact design, eco-friendly, affordable, and warranty.
  • Epson Expression Home XP-440: lightweight, fast, and multiple connectivity options.
  • Epson WorkForce ET-3750: professional-grade printer, highly compatible and reliable.

In conclusion, getting the best sublimation printer is an imperative decision, especially when you are planning for a start-up, because you cannot put your business at risk. Therefore, I have added an extensive buying guide to assist you in every possible way. I hope that you will be able to make a worthwhile purchase!

Goodluck Entrepreneurs!